Have you ever thought about life?  It tends to be a very deppressing subject after all; when you get to thinking about it… it really makes you feel down. 

      From the time you are five, you have to go to school; wether you like it, or not, you HAVE to go to school.  Thats all fine, but when you’re done with that.. you have to go to colledge.  So far, we have reached 19 years of schooling.  For 15 of those years, you are waking up at 6 in the morning, and getting ready; for the other four, you are worrying about formulas, and trying to remember all your school work, and basically stressing yourself.  19 years… of stress…  But no worries right, cause your always gonna grow to be on your own… and have to worry about work.  Well, now your a middle-aged man/woman, and you are stressing over the economy, and your bills, and you have to wake earlier, and work nights, and the list goes ON AND ON AND ON.  If you haven’t gotten my point yet, it’s that, you never get out of that box that you begin to realize you are trapped in at about the age of 13. 

      Then comes retirement, supposed to be the best thing ever; you don’t have to work, you don’t worry about bills, and you feel free… (supposed)  Now you can take that vacation you’ve always wanted… wearing a oxygen mask, and worrying about your health, and having your bones ache all the time.  Now, you’re starting to think, “well, if it’s so depressing, then don’t think about it… well, I’ve always been told to think about my future, and I am.

      Sometimes, I just want to stop trying, and see if maybe the world will work for me for one day…  I wan’t to have more than 2 days to sleep in, and do what I want, and basically ENJOY the time I have, which is LIFE.

-Noah Arnold

2 thoughts on “Life

  1. Somewhere in between getting out of school and having old person pains I hope everyone gets about 20 years of great times: yep, you’ve got to have money to do a lot of things. But if you’re not concerned with ipods, cool cars, or going to Disney, you can probably get by on less than many folks. There are always expenses, though, like medical insurance (don’t try to get by without that), car insurance (illegal to drive without it, and heaven forbid you should paralyze somebody through your driving), rent, heat, and whatever food you can get by on.
    I’ve always wondered how prices get set. Why is a bag of flour $2.49, when it was $.79 on sale ten years ago. Who decides on the cost of a box of Rice Krispies? The cost of rent for an apt? The price of a pack of batteries? Is it the president of a company who decides on salaries (starting with the top, on down) who guides prices?

  2. and it’s only true. growing up the way we do is a trap. we don’t have much control over what we do and what happens to us. when we think of it that way, life doesn’t seem worth it. but when you look deeper, what happens to us can be worth it in the end. so many horrible things can happen to us in our life, but we have to believe that everything happens for a reason. every person that comes in and out of our lives makes an impression on who we become.

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