Money makes the world go round… am I wrong?  Well not only the world, but many peoples heads too.

Money has become the dependence of life in this world.  It has become such a powerful item, that people literally kill themselves, and each other over it.  I see no purpose of money, of course what it buys you is nice, but it wont make you happy. (unless you buy endorphins)  I believe that we should do away with money, and start off fresh, but doing that would be like trying to jump to the moon.  People become addicted to money, but who can blame them, money is needed for the basic needs of life in this world.  Food costs money, water costs money, shelter costs money.  Without money, we would all die. Money is needed to live in this world, but it shouldn’t be.  If we sold everything for free, and our workers did things out of the kindness of their hearts, then we wouldn’t be in most of the economic issues we are constantly in.

As money is needed for living,  not everything is needed for living.  We don’t need to be spending money on our plasma screens, and fancy houses.  We could live with the basic needs for living, and have just as much fun with our lives.  Items don’t bring happiness to ourselves, only cockiness.  Even the machine that you are using to read this on right now, is not a need for life.

Money is the reason for economic decline, fighting, massive debt, cockiness, and life.  We don’t need it, but we want it, so we get it.  Once we get it, we waste it on miscelaious items that we don’t need, and when push comes to shove, we have none left for our house, or our food, or even tap water.  Without money we will die, with money we will die.

One thought on “Money

  1. I agree 100%, Noah. It’s like “I have this money, I have to spend it. On me!” Why not help build wells in countries where people don’t even have clean water? Or to organizations that provide shoes (new, that is, not used cleats that American kids have worn out or are tired of) to kids whose parents can’t afford them. Shoes, water… yeah, just a bit more important than that granite countertop, hm?

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